I’m guilty… Of being busy.

I took a slight unscheduled hiatus from blogging, and I’m sorry ! Life sometimes gets overwhelming and causes us to lose focus. This is what happened to me, but I a had an experience yesterday that reminded me how important my blog is to me and making a connection with other moms.

Aj and I went to a friends house and he happened to be having a birthday party for his cousins son. Of course we were more inclined to go, Aj loves birthday parties. (What kid doesn’t?). I felt a little awkward not knowing who’s party I was going to, the age, or even having a gift…. but I was told just to bring myself and Aj. Anyways…we got there and the mommy hosting the party follows my Mommy On the Go Instagram! I looked at her and she looked very familiar, went over to introduce myself and we ended up exchanging numbers.

As small as that is, it reminded me how important connecting with moms across the US and the world is to me. I can’t ever get too busy to do something I love, even if it means I miss a few more hours of sleep. Who sleeps anyways? I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead.

With that being said, I am planning a Mommy and Me date, I will email everyone with a date the location is THE BEACH at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. I am super excited to bring everyone together before we all take the kids back to school. This is appropriate for all ages and children 2 and under are free. Look out for an email from me this week with more details. Also submit submit submit for Mommy of the Month, I will be choosing a new one within the next week.


Mommy is back !